CTBP Weekly Seminar Series

CTBP seminars are held most Fridays beginning at 2:00 PM with refreshments being served after seminar. These informal seminars are open to everyone. Unless otherwise noted, the seminar locations are typically UCSD's Mayer Room 4322 and Pacific Hall 3500. To subscribe to the CTBP announcement mail list: SUBSCRIBE. Announcements and reminders for CTBP events including seminars, journal club meetings, and colloquia are sent on a weekly basis during the academic year.

Upcoming Seminars

4/25/2014 - Gregoire Altan-Bonnet (MSKCC, New York)

5/2/2014 - Nan Hao (UCSD)
Dynamic signal processing by transcription factors

5/9/2014 - Sheila Nirenberg (Cornell)
Retinal prosthetics

2013-2014 Seminar Schedule

Archived Seminars

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